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Tell Us About Coach Josh Wood and What He Likes Best About Victoria?

My wife and I just moved to the Island from Melbourne, Australia, about six-weeks ago. Down-Under I had been working as a boxing and strength coach at The Guild. I had also spent the last six-years teaching at a massage school. Last December, I finished my Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine, and have already earned the nickname ‘Doctor Coach’ at the gym because of this. I am currently working out of Limitless Training, with the awesome Balance Kickboxing team. I am coaching the kickboxing classes, and working as a personal fitness coach.

I really like the how Victoria has all the resources of a big city, with a small town feel. Everything is so close, and you’re only minutes away from some of the world’s best scenery!

Where did your passion for fitness and athletics begin?

I started down this path when I was 17-years old. One day, while working at a computer shop, I decided wanted to learn kickboxing. I was living in Rochester, Minnesota, at the time and there was no one that offered training in kickboxing! So, I found a small school that taught Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) out of the back of a sweaty, old, boxing gym. The school was called Mario Roberto’s Jiu Jitsu Academy, and that was the beginning of my journey into combat sports and physical training. Eleven years later, I’m still at it!

Why did you decide to become a coach and personal trainer?

I was always looking for a way to make money doing what I love, and I’m still looking for a way to make money doing it!

I was training at an MMA school near Melbourne, and the head coach was going away to train in Thailand for a couple months. He put myself and a couple other senior students in charge, and I started off coaching the kids and beginner adults in MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) fundamentals. A while after that, having been teaching massage for a few years, I was offered a scholarship to the Australian Institute of Fitness and studied there. At the time I was competitive in Powerlifting and I quickly went on to get my Powerlifting Coaching Certification through Powerlifting Australia. After all the study I started working in a local strength and conditioning gym as a Boxing and Strength Coach. I’ve always considered it a passion project.

I’m helping people become the most resilient versions of themselves every day, and inspiring people to accomplish the goals they’ve always wanted to. Who wouldn’t want to do that?!

How do you balance work, life and training?

It can be a tenuous balance for most. I’m lucky; I work at a gym. I just come in early before each shift and train then. At least 4-days a week. Luckily, I’m not training for any sort of competition. So, I can keep my training general, and focus on building up my weaknesses. Right now I am working on mobility and focusing on bodyweight movements to give my joints a rest.

I don’t see the gym as optional. I often hear, “Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing something else.” Some days, yes. But, this is an investment. This is how I know that when someone needs help moving, I can help lift that dresser; or pull my wife from a burning building. I am investing in quality of life, and creating a physical savings account. I will retain mobility and function as I age, and that is one of the most important aspects of independence and quality of life.

In short, I prioritize.

What advice would you give to our TC10K athletes as they prepare for the 10K?

Get your diet on point. You can’t train if you can’t recover. Prioritise protein in each meal, aiming for one to two palm sized portions of protein dense food every time you eat. All of your connective tissues (including bone) and muscle need protein to repair. And no, nuts are not an adequate protein source. Think meats, fish, eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, legumes, and pulses.

What makes you #Powerful?

Using an evidence-based approach to training makes me #powerful. I look at the available evidence, and assess how other coaches’ athletes perform, and use that information to provide the best training and lifestyle advice for my clients and myself.

Where can our athletes follow your adventures?

Everyone is welcome to follow me on:

IG: @CoachJoshWood

FB: /CoachJoshW

Tw: @CoachJoshWood

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