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Tell us about Mike McDougall?

Wow, I never know what to say to these questions. I am husband, father to two wonderful girls, a lighting consultant with McLaren Lighting.

What sparked your interest in running and triathlon?

I don’t think I actually have an interest in running. For triathlon, it was watching Simon Whitfield cross the finish line for gold in Sydney. I knew from that moment that I loved the sport, although it would take several years before I’d get a chance to Tri.

You have completed multiple Ironman distance triathlons as well as running races. Do you have a favourite race and why?

I’d say there is two, the first is Ironman Canada, but more specifically the one I did in 2015. The conditions were terrible. Around 230 athletes either dropped out or were pulled out due to hypothermia. I managed to persevere and I finished the race that day. It wasn’t the result I wanted, but I found what I was made of that day.

The second has to be the TC10k. How could it not be on the list of anyone who has ever run it? A fast flat course, with some of the best scenery you can find. Running through the cherry blossom covered streets to running up the waterfront, to finishing in front of the legislature buildings. The race is amazing. The fans, the other athletes. It’s just an awesome race!!!!

You’re a dedicated father, husband, son and friend; how do you balance your athletic endeavours and life?

I think my wife and kids would argue that there’s balance. Thankfully they are very understanding that the training portion of racing is very important to me. I’ve also become very acquainted with 5 am.

You’re racing the TC10K this year. What other races will you be racing?

The only other confirmed races are Ironman Victoria 70.3 and Ironman Canada 70.3. I’m still looking at Ironman Calgary 70.3, Cultus Lake in September and a little voice in my head is egging me on to do the Victoria Marathon in October.

What advice would you give to our TC10K athletes who are racing for their first time?

Enjoy it, I know it’s a cliche but enjoy the atmosphere, the scenery and the fans. It’s all amazing. Ohh and pace yourself for the hill up Dallas road. It sneaks up on you. It’s not bad, but it can take the wind out of your sail pretty quickly.

What makes Mike McDougall powerful?

My will to be better than I was yesterday.

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