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Tell a little about Alistair Vigier?

I just turned 27 years old and I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I moved to Victoria BC when I was nine years old and joined the military when I turned 17. During my high school years I excelled in running and was MVP at Lambrick Park High School for two years in a row.

When I was 16 years old I ran the Mill Bay 10k in 37:55. The same year I ran the Cedar 12k in a time of 45:25.

After leaving the military I started raising money from private investors in order for the companies to expand. I now work for a law firm (HART Legal) and a retail store that is franchising (Bon Macaron.) It’s a lot of fun!

Did your time in the military increase your love for running and athletics?

I was wounded in 2009 in the military and I had to take a few years off running. I got back into running in 2014 but I was never as good as I was before the injury. When I was an excellent runner I weighed around 160 pounds. In the 5 years I stopped running I spent a lot of time weight lifting and eating more than before, and went up to 205 pounds. I am back below 200 pounds now and my goal is to get to 180 pounds so that I can start running longer distances again. An extra 40 pounds is a lot of extra weight to carry over 10K.

You are an entrepreneur and marketer but also continue to train. How do you balance your athletic and professional interests?

It’s really hard. I set aside at least an hour a day to exercise. This doesn’t always have to be running. I also enjoy weight lifting and ju-jitsu.

It can be hard when I am travelling to places such as Los Angeles or Toronto for HART Legal to maintain a proper exercise plan. When I was in Edmonton and it was -25 degrees outside, I had to settle for running on a treadmill. Likewise, when I was in Las Vegas last summer, it was 45 degrees. It would have been hard to run for longer than 5 minutes in that heat without going down from heatstroke.

I also try and watch what I eat while I travel. Instead of eating fast food, I will make my way to a grocery store to stay consistent with my diet. If I can’t get to a grocery store, I will settle with going to healthier fast food options. My three favorites are Subway, Jugo Juice and Booster Juice.

Do you have any future races you are planning for?

I am hoping I can be in town for the Oak Bay Half Marathon on May 28th. I ran it in 2015 in 1:28:36. I messed up in the race by not training properly. During the race, I was on track to come in around 1:26 until the 18K mark. I hadn’t run more than 15K in practice and I assumed the adrenaline of the race would carry me the last 6K. I was wrong! At the 18K mark I completely burnt out and 5 runners passed me before the finish line.

If our readers wanted to follow your adventures where would they go to follow you?

Please like the HART Legal and Bon Macaron Facebook page. I post often on there. If you have Linkedin you can also add me at “Alistair Vigier.”

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