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May 4, 2017

Featured Athlete – Caroline

Running – you either like it or you don’t.” This is the view of Caroline, who is running her first 10K in Victoria this April.

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May 1, 2017

Featured Athlete – Alistair Vigier

I just turned 27 years old and I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I moved to Victoria BC when I was nine years old and joined the military when I turned 17.

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April 28, 2017

Featured Athlete – Mike McDougall

Wow, I never know what to say to these questions. I am husband, father to two wonderful girls, a lighting consultant with McLaren Lighting.

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Meet a Few of Our Teams

The TC10k Is Made Possible From People like YOU!

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April 25, 2017

#LocateLevy – TC10K Race Day Contest

Joseph Levy (#LocateLevy ) is an unstoppable globe-trotting runner who has been on the go for months, running from Paris, France to the Bronx.

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April 21, 2017

Featured Athlete – Pete Perrin

Number one is just to gain a passion for running. To love the morning, to love the trail, to love the pace on the track.

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